Ding Dong XMFan is gone……

Posted: February 3, 2004 in XM

Well, I guess XMfan.com is no longer. I was fortunate to be on the forum when some pretty important changes took place. It was announced by the person who provided funds for XMfan.com (Ziggy) that the site would be renamed XM411.com, as the webmaster for xmfan.com owned the domains for both xmfan.com and xmfanstore.com. The webmaster for the site had recently let greed insue on him, and because of this implemented some changes that jeopardized the future of the relationship between xmfan.com and XM Radio. XM411.com will be a continuation of xmfan.com, although there will be a downtime to get everything switched over. I wish everyone over there the best, as I am over there many a days, just talking with all my friends that have XM radio. Hopefully this downtime will not last as it is making me VERY bored over here 😉

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