So one final attempt is made at trying to lure me back to the parents house……

Posted: May 20, 2004 in Personal, Work

Yep, four days ago, I was to leave and dever return, and today, I am finally given what I had asked for on Monday. I was promised that I would get the notice that I asked for should it become impossible to live with me, but frankly its too little too late.

Ive already made up my mind, and the move will go on as planned. This should help me to better myself, and to not have to live in the fear that what happened 10 or more times already (getting kicked out) will not happen again.

I really think this is for the best, but I’m not real sure that a relationship between me and my parents is very feasable at this moment in time.

As always this seems like a developing situation.

Work seems to be the last thing on my mind these days, but overall everyone there is being very supportive.

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