Good Morning and happy Friday!

Posted: August 27, 2004 in Fun, Work

So, its yet another Friday, and yet another Thursday night passed by without an update.

Well I have been thinking alot lately, and I know I have the whole world ahead of me. My life path has changed dramatically in the past month or so, and I cant wait for what is to come. Another busy weekend coming up, and I will have more on that later.

Work has been treating me like I am a slave to them. My co-worker had to leave early yesterday and didnt bother to tell me so I had to work late with no notice, doesnt really show alot of respect, does it?

Well I talked to my boss about it, and he said that this will not happen again, but I dunno, maybe its time to start seeking other career opprotunities.

Well off to work, I will have more later, as the day drags on…..

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