The New Years Resolutions……

Posted: January 1, 2005 in Personal

Well, this year I am being smart about it. I have several goals, and instead of trying them all at once and failing again, I figured I would DO them in stages….

1. Lose Weight — I have become quite the little chunk since I went on the disabled list gaining over 20 pounds. So I am going to make some wiser eating choices, and also do some more excercising (Weather permitting of course!)

2. Start School — So I have set a date for the next resolution of March 1st. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but havent felt like it is something I can do, but now I know it is something I CAN do.

3. Quit Smoking — This I set for June 1st. It would be very healthy for me to do, but I dont want to try doing this and #1 at the same time. I will get into my excercise routines, and my schooling routines, and then its out with the smokes.

Thats all I came up with so far, and probably where I will leave it. Its not alot, but they are all very big, life changing things. The rest will all fall into place.

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