Today, I ordered the Myfi……

Posted: March 10, 2005 in XM

So, today I bit the bullet, and bought the MyFi. (and no, I am not getting paid for that link, so don’t think I have alternative motives, I just love this store, and everything this guy and the board he created has done)

Judging from past experiences with, I should see this package about Wednesday of next week. I got free shipping, and a great deal (Saved me about $100 over retail!) paid $279 for the unit, which comes with everything I will need to listen to XM WHEREVER I want.

Product is coming from New York, and I live in Minnesota. UPS ground will get this tomorrow (cuz Ziggy always ships SAME DAY and its now after 8PM)

Anyways, more when I get it 😉


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