One of my websites is now officially dead….

Posted: March 23, 2005 in Computers, Friends

One of the other websites I work on ( is now officially no longer in existance. The co-creator and I had some creative differences, that we are trying to work out, but for now, it does not appear that this site will return anytime soon.

I had done an upgrade to the site, which took his website for his LPFM station breifly offline due to some changes with the root htaccess file that I was not anticipating. This of course did not bode well with him at all, as this is a huge thing for him, so he decided that he wanted to let the s**t hit the fan in saying that the website engine I was using (same one I am using for is crap. I tend to disagree, but since he feels he cannot contribute, because he doesnt really want to learn a new system nor does he have the time, I have decided that rather than fight with a good friend, I would just close up shop.

I mean when it comes down to it, I just dont have the time or energy to maintain and design two websites, and he wants to go back to regular HTML, which is fine, but not interactive, and takes much longer to maintain. This is not something I am interested in at the moment, and if I stick with the old way of doing things, I will be flying solo, which is also too time consuming at the moment.

So for now, unless I can find help with running a MN dance site, the page is down. I may take it back and design something for my LPFM dance station (which is how the domain originally started over two years ago) or I may fold the domain completely and save myself the 8 bucks a year in registration costs.

I guess what had upset me the most is that I basically provide him with free web hosting, as I have been doing for almost two years because his old host who had also provided free hosting to him, decided that bandwidth costs were getting out of hand and stopped offering the free hosting. I could have done without the attitude, and gotten just a little gratitude out of him for at least taking the time and energy to get things working, and for the generosity.

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