Worked late tonight….

Posted: May 2, 2005 in Work

So part of what caused my depression, or at least helped was work. My coworker never shows up (well, 3 out of the 5 days last week she showed up at 10AM when she starts at 8, but today she was gone, and she was gone the first two days of last month too, ahe’s at LEAST gone on Mondays and possibly other days) and it doesnt seem like anyone cares.

Whereas I start showing up 5 minutes late every once in a while and its a crime. I do NOT get that one bit. If your going to allow the other member of the team show up two to four hours late more that 2 days a week, why not give equal punishment.

Is it because she is a girl? Anyways, because she calls in and says she js going to be two hours late because she has a “migrain” and then just never shows up, I had to work 11 hours just to get the BASICS done today.

And now, they have started jobsharing that position, meaning someone does the job in the morning, and works for another department in the afternoon. Fine, that means there will always be SOMEONE for this job, right?

WRONG! She started last week, and since day one, I have had not more than an hour to train in this new person, because she has been working for the other department the whole time. I understand that it is important, but it is also important to share the resources when that is what they are there for.

See, this is what I have been dealing with for the past month 😉

Oh well, I’ll keep taking the overtime as long as I can get it because I could really use the extra money.

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