Trip to Duluth again….

Posted: June 19, 2005 in Friends, Fun, Music, XM

So today, me and my friend Rielly went up to see our friends in Duluth again, which was good. It was good because other than the event we went up to in May, we havent been up there since.

I had a chance to be even more of a radio nerd when we visited Bruce Elving (author of FM Atlas) and I even got to look at what the FM dial looked like in 1972 for Minneapolis.

Of course, I have pretty much given up on Terrestrial radio and gone to XM at this point, but on a purely “How cool is it that FM was good” or “I’m hearing a station out of Arizona right now” I mean I have been a radio nerd for about 15 years now at this point, so its still fun to watch.

It’s too bad they have destroyed themselves, because they could have done really good stuff. But then again the more they destroy themselves, the better for Satelite radio, IPODS, and the internet streams.


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