Footnotes of life….

Posted: June 20, 2005 in Personal

Its been a while since I have had a chance to update this blog, and I will try my best to take some time to update it. Here is the rundown of what has been happening that has kept me so busy lately:

-My brother graduated from High School last weekend

-I have registered for college at a community level for Computer Networking, I will be starting to go to nightschool around the 20th of August, although I am still going through all the hoops right now

-I have been wrapping up several things from the past 5 years that were left unfinished.

-Work has been busy due to the fact that one of our biggest clients is in the process of leaving us. That makes me a bit uncertain about my job, but I’ll keep showing up until they tell me not to 😉

Anyways thats it for now, I will try to get on here tonight or tomorrow with another update.


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