104.1 Jack FM

Posted: June 23, 2005 in Music, XM

OK, so about two months ago, we got Jacked. Our local 80’s station flipped to a now-popular format that came out of Canada called “Jack”.

Its the same format as the one on WCBS NY now, and its also the same one that is on many stations. Literally. The imaging is the same, (announcements between songs) with the exception of the city, frequency, and call letters.

Is this terrestrial radio’s answer to XM? I sure hope not, because if it is, well, its pathetic.

Jack basically plays all the top 40 hits from the past 30-40 years, without concern for flow. Sounds kinda fun right? Well it is for about two days. Your hearing all the songs you haven’t heard in years, or your hearing a disco tune into a rock tune. Then after a few days, you realize that there aren’t any DJ’s (never will be) and after a few more days the element of suprise is GONE. I gave this station about 2 hours on the first day it hit here, and it just reaffirmed my love for satelite radio. Still 8 minutes of commercials at the same time every hour, still bland “hits” only, and really no personality.

I’ll take the next “terrestrial radio” flavor of the month please. Although I think this station MIGHT be sucessful, I think it will also drive more people to XM, Sirius, and IPODS.

Hows your (Insert persons name) station sound? Don’t have one yet? Don’t worry, one will be coming soon, and for those who can’t wait, go to http://www.varieyhits.com/variety (sorry, had the wrong link before) to listen to some streams. (They have a good guide of the format that is now called “Variety Hits”)

UPDATE: This Post pretty much sums it up really well or this one

Or how about this article, or this one? Oh and another one given to me by a reader.

Guess Jack isn’t well liked right now. Good going FM 😉

  1. Ryan says:

    You missed one (as shown on dcrtv.com) 😛

  2. mnxmfan says:

    Thanks Ryan, I added that. I’m sure we could find PLENTY more where that came from, if not now, then in a few months.

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