Cable companies SUCK

Posted: June 24, 2005 in Personal

OK so I just found out that our cable has been out since noon. So I asekd my stepdad if he called the cable company. He did, at noon. Ok, great I say, so when are they going to fic it.

My answer? “Eventually”

EVENTUALLY!!!!! What kind of a company takes over 50 bucks a month from you and says they will fix the outage EVENTUALLY????? I will tell you what kind of company. Mediacom Cable.

So, me not being satisfied with the answer my stepdad gave me, I called the cable company, figuring that someone else had to be without cable. Boy was I surprised when they told me they have no outages in the area. My guess is an amp probably blew out or something. But thats not the kicker. The kicker is what comes next. “Well, we show that they are sending someone out tomorrow to fix the problem, but of course you will have to be there so we can verify that cable is back and you are recieving the signal” Thats wonderful. Why couldnt they have said something at NOON!

Its not that I even value TV enough to care. I can find other things to do. The problem is that my stepdad wanted to watch TV, which means that he has to use the rooftop OTA antenna we have. Whats the problem with that? Thats the same antenna that I use to broadcast from, and I had a big show planned for tonight, not to mention its a party night, and dance music is great on a Friday.

Oh well, I’m sure my listeners will understand. After all, I am a very niche format, and I do terrestrial radio better than any corporate broadcaster does.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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