Jon Zellner AKA The destroyer

Posted: June 29, 2005 in XM

Lately, the repetition on some XM channels is becoming unbearable. The man behind it? A former higher up at INFINITY BROADCASTING, Jon Zellner.

Lately, KISSXM, MIXXM, The Blend, and now The 90’s on 9 have started tightening up their playlists. Now, it is not uncommon for MIX and KISS to be playing the EXACT same songs. Now I understand, its a hits channel, but its a BAAD channel. For a while, they had a great concept, where they would play all the hits since 2000. Now, it seems that they are becoming more and more stale. So I get it, they are hits channels, and they are supposed to play THE HITS, but where is the surprise?

And now, it has spread to the 90’s channel. Once having over 2000 songs to choose from, now thanks to Zellner, we are back below 1000. Nothing like FM, but still, not the reason I came to XM in the first place. I want radio to challenge me, and lately, these channels are becoming less and less enjoyable to listen to.

My biggest fear at this point? That it will start spreading to the other unique channels on XM. The reasoning? Who knows, maybe if enough people email,, or, we can save it before it becomes too late. I mean I cant be the only one unhappy, can I?

  1. Ryan says:

    I will also be writing a post on this when I come back from Ohio this weekend (how far is MN from Ohio lol!)

    P.S. It’s (no ‘h’) and I will be e-mailing him again as well as Lee and Hugh this time to express my distaste, to put it lightly

  2. mnxmfan says:

    Thanks for the update..

    Guess I was a little more than mad when I wrote the post 😉

    Hopefully if we can get the word out, XM will listen.

  3. mnxmfan says:

    Oh yeah, Ohio is about a 2 day drive from the part of Minnesota I am in 😉

  4. Ryan says:

    Grr…2 days…move closer! 😛

  5. mnxmfan says:

    Believe me, nobody wants to move closer more than me! Then maybe I could have made it out there for the XM studio tour!

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