Just when you think your going to get a decent night's sleep….

Posted: June 29, 2005 in Personal

The tornado sirens go off.

We had a bit of bad weather here about 30 minutes ago, looked pretty scary on TV, but ended up being just some rain, some hail, and little damage.

But, there was a few tornados generated from this storm, and we got a bit of hail. Because it is dark out, it is hard to see how bad it really was. Lots of rain (an inch in 10 minutes) accompanied this storm, but it was over as quickly as it began. At about 9:30 it was calm, with no rain, and at 9:50 the tornado sirens are going off.

Guess that means we should all pay attention to whats going on around us. But that doesnt always mean watch the news, they tend to say things to scare you and keep you watching.

We are now getting heavy rain, if I wasn’t so tired, I’d post a satelite image. Ehh what the hell, heres the latest. Im just south of the Twin Cities for those of you keeping track at home:

Storms happening June 29th

Pretty fun, huh?

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