A follow up to Jon Zellner — 90's Playlist Analized

Posted: June 30, 2005 in XM

DesertRat over at XM411 did a very detailed Decades channel playlist breakdown of how often songs were repeated in 5 days. Here is what I am most interested in:

90’s – Starting 2/21/05 13:30 ET
Numer of Times 1—2—3–4–5–6 —————————————————
24 Hours—–330—4
48 Hours—–608 33
72 Hours—–639 177—7 – – –
96 Hours—–537 356 32 1 – –
120 Hours—-498 369 127 6 1 –

The 90’s (120 hours) most frequently played songs:
Snoop Dogg, “Gin & Juice” – 5 plays
Destiny’s Child, “Say My Name” – 4 plays
Warren G f Nate Dogg, “Regulate” – 4 plays
Will Smith, “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” – 4 plays
Vanilla Ice, “Ice Ice Baby” – 4 plays
UB40, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” – 4 plays
Tupac [2Pac], “California Love” – 4 plays

Interesting to note that this is from Feburary, the current one that will be done in a few weeks will show how bad it has gotten at The 90’s. Also, I should mention that the average FM station has a rotation of about 2-300 songs, and a Top 40ish station (which is what this sorta is) typically has 100-150. So when I bitch and moan about this stuff, its still ALOT better than my local Clear Channel station.

I will be waiting to see how bad its gotten, and will update you as I find out more.

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