XM Satelite radio adds over 640,000 subs last 3 months, finishes at 4.4 Million

Posted: July 1, 2005 in XM

WOOOHOOOO!!! Its always great to see a service I love suceed, and since I have a deep hatred for FM, well, watching the failure of them is great too 😉

Anyways, very good news today, read the AP release here.

This is better than even I had thought, as I thought they would add about 580,000, and XM even thought it would add about 550,000. They have not adjusted guidance for the year end goal of 5.5 million, but seeing as how they added 1.2 million, I would think 5.5 Million is a bit low for the year.

Typically speaking, the second half of the year ends up being a bit better than the first half of the year, and even with Howard Stern’s jump to Sirius, I don’t see them stealing too many new subs from XM, although the gap may narrow a bit in the last 3 months of 2005, and the first few months of 2006. Beyond that, we should settle back to normal IMHO ;).

  1. Alex Pelan says:

    XM is indeed a incredible service. I’m one of those last three months subscribers, and it is so much better than any other radio service I’ve ever had.

  2. mnxmfan says:

    Welcome to the XM nation Alex! Yeah it will change thw way you look at Radio forever!

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