Live 8

Posted: July 2, 2005 in Music, XM

Well the concerts are over, but not quickly forgotten. It was simply amazing to listen to all of the concerts on XM, as well as being able to watch them on AOL Music. Now normally I wouldnt mention AOL, but they have gotten a bit better in the past month. To watch the concert, all I had to do was go to, click on LIVE 8, and click on “Watch Live” with no software to download, and very little ad interruption. It looked very professional, and was amazing to watch.

Now, onto the XM side of things. There coverage was UNBELIEVABLE! They had 6 channels dedicated to 6 stages. No commercial interruption. Now I was expecting this, but today I was blown away. They had TWO commentators for each concert. Providing feedback, letting me know where to go to hear what, and providing “backstage access” to the events as they happened. Then they had a channel dedicated as a “guide” of sorts. Sort of like a best of, with frequent updates as to who was at what stage at any given moment. The audio quality was superb on all channels, and then after the concerts were over, all of the “hosts” got together like a group of friends would get together after a sproting event, commenting on everything and having a great time.

This day alone made it worth my $12.99, but I only have one regret. I could not listen to it all!

Favorite acts: Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Snoop Dogg (yeah he did a great job, more of a visual show, but really got the crowd into it) and Paul Mccartney. I won’t even get into my least favorite acts, because honestly they were all good, and if they weren’t I was able to find something good.

  1. Croaker says:

    And I ‘m stuck on vacation with te kids with no way to see any of it. šŸ˜¦

  2. mnxmfan says:

    Thats OK, they will be streaming the Video on demand all summer long at!

  3. Brad says:

    Let me tell you, it was amazing to be there (Philly). There were very few acts there I really cared about, but they all put on amazing shows. The atmosphere was amazing, and you can’t even imagine the feeling of having about 900,000 people behind you watching the same thing.

    The 12 hours in the sun without a bathroom break (and sunburns and dehydration) were entirely worth it.

    Check out the rebroadcast of the Kaiser Chiefs. Bad time slot but awesome show.

  4. Scott says:

    I’m just hope there will be a comprehensive DVD because I keep on missing a few performences on the streaming.

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