Independence day, or Dependance day?

Posted: July 4, 2005 in Politics

So as I was sitting there tonight watching the fireworks, a thought made its way into my head. Are we celebrating Independence day today, or are we selling dependance day on the dependance of the fear that GW puts into our heads on a weekly if not daily basis?

And it’s not just the fear placed by our lovely presidents, but its the fear that the media places upon all of us Americans for the sake of ratings. If you work in the media, I would like you to HONESTLY comment and state that you are not trying to place fear in us as a general public. Why am I making this challenge? Because I don’t think its possible at this point for anyone in the media to call themselves honest journalists anymore. Not that I can honestly sit here and think that it is personally your fault or anything. Alot of it comes from the corporations that run the media outlets in this country, and their drive for more viewers (Tonight at 11, is blogging dangerous for your health??? We will tell you how to avoid ……)

I don’t know, it makes it real hard to want to celebrate our freedoms, when it looks like over time we are all becoming more dependant on corporations to tell us what we should be afraid of, or when we depend on the motives of one man to determine the social and economic outcomes on an American day.

Gives someone alot to think about, doesn’t it?

  1. dom says:

    Hi , just to let you know ,it’s spelt Independence , no A ,independent 1. independent adj. (70%)
    free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority. • (of a country) self-governing. • not supported by public funds: an independent school.

  2. mnxmfan says:

    Thanks for the correction! Guess it was a little late and I was a bit tired when I wrote the post. Well that, and my spelling has never been perfect 😉

    Can I at least have an ‘A’ for effort? 😉

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