Some people really are stupid…..

Posted: July 5, 2005 in News

OK so today, I read a story about a pirate radio station that interferred directly with a religious broadcaster. Below is an excerpt from

North Miami Beach, FL police detectives on June 23 seized and impounded equipment being used by an unlicensed radio station that used the 91.7 MHz frequency — the same one used by Christian Rock noncomm WMKL/Key Largo-Miami.

OK, now I have been running a small “pirate” of my own for over six years. The difference? I don’t interfere with other broadcasters, I keep it family friendly (and by that I mean no foul language in the middle of the day, as much as I could care less about it, I know its a big no-no in the radio world) and I don’t sell advertising. So far it hasn’t been a problem, and the moment that I get “the letter” I will shut down and never be heard from again.

I certainly won’t let myself get arrested over it. While I love doing what I do, its just a hobby, and not my entire life. I believe in freedom of speech, and the airwaves, much like the national forrests, are owned by the public. Even though the government and corporate radio have forgotten that, I haven’t. But please, if your going to do it, know what your doing. Oh yeah, and be responsible with it, OK?

UPDATE: The second story I linked to is a second case of a raid in Miami today. Same issue, they interferred with a licensed station, and they were running 10,000 watts, or 1/10th of the power of the radio stations here, and I believe 1/3 the power of the full stations in Miami. Certainly much more than my measily 12 watts. See, all you gotta do is act responsibly.

Update #2: Not sure how much of this I believe, at least as far as the interference complaints go. A friend of mine brought up a good point that the media likes to slant things, especailly to protect the corporate broadcasters. So, form your own opinions, what do you think?


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