The state government of Minnesota is shut down…..

Posted: July 5, 2005 in Politics

Not that this is new for my Minnesota readers, but I thought I would share with the rest of the nation and world. Our government has been shut down since July 1st, and more than 9,000 state employees now get to either use up their vacation, or simply not get paid until the new two year budget is put into place.

Hot affected are things such as emergency assistance, the food shelves, and the state park system. Affected are state operated rest stops (which are all the rest stops in MN) government funding for alot of things, including education, and the DMV is not administering drivers or permit tests. No new licenses will be issued, but you will be able to renew your license.

Why did this happen? Because the House and Senate in MN is over a month overdue on a budget for the next two years, because they have been bickering back and forth as to how to spend our money. Not to worry though, as we all are still paying state taxes during this shutdown, and the governer and both the memebers of the House and the Senate are still getting paychecks (lots of sarcasm there)

The reason I haven’t brought it up sooner? I think the whole thing is stupid. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly, as I think it really sucks that more than 9,000 people are currently out of work because of this.

  1. Ryan says:

    Wow. That sucks (and I didn’t know about). It’s gotta suck to be out of work due to some little disagreement and indecision on the budget…

  2. That is so awful. With all the problems that could arise, you’d think that they would get moving. Great post, and well done in bringing it to people’s attention.

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