State of MN Shutdown continues….

Posted: July 6, 2005 in News, Politics

The state shutdown continues, and the effects of said shutdown are being felt pretty much statewide, in both the public sector and private sector. This is leaving many people buying premanufactured homes having to live in hotels (due to the fact that the home was slated to move this week etc.) Leaving many public programs not funded, and even putting our roads at higher risk at this point.

Its to the point that I am ashamed of our public officials in this state right now. While they sit up in the capital, collecting their paychecks as usual, 9,000 state employee’s are being forced to take their vacations now, assuming they have not already used them up. And come next week, they won’t be getting anything at all, or, (and here’s the irony) they will be going to the state Unemployment offices, to get checks from the Unemployment insurance fund which will have to be paid by their (currently) former employers.

Lets just get this resolved, and NOW, not a month from now. The longer the house points at the senate and vice-versa, the more programs that are going to be affected.

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