Posted: July 7, 2005 in News, Politics

OK, I have to sound off on this today. What happened in London was completely BS, and I hope all you terrorists understand what it is your doing. Your not making political statements, your not changing the world, and your not causing fear.

Your murdering people. And why are you doing this? Because the world leaders are meeting in Scottland to talk about issues plaguing our world, such as Poverty, AIDS, global warming? I hope we get each and every one of you. What you are doing just goes to show that you have zero intelligence. Sure I do not agree with all of our politics, but I take it out in ways that may actually make a difference. Peacful protests, blog entries, letters to my senators, letters to the president, etc. How do you expect to make a difference by killing innocent people. You are just making more and more people hate you.

Fuck all of you terrorists. I’ll tell you one thing, you tried that shit anywhere near me, and I would be goddam sure to take matters into my own hands with you savages.

OK I am done ranting, and I am glad that the casulties in London were minimal, meaning they did not suceed. Not that 37 deaths isn’t meaningful, and my condolences definitely go out to those who lost family or friends in these savage attacks.

  1. Ryan says:

    The amazing thing is that after over 30 years of coordinated terrorist attacks, and yet changing NOTHING, you’d think these morons would resort to something a bit more productive that random killings. Where’s the point? The message? The all-knowing theology that we should all be learning from these heathens? It’s no where to be found. It’s like protesting with blank signs.

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