Google Earth

Posted: July 10, 2005 in Computers

So, Google has come up with a way for me to waste even more of my time on this computer πŸ˜‰

Google Earth lets you “fly” around the world, and see basically anything. It also gives you the oprotunity to look up information on buildings and landmarks. How is this possible? Well, it uses satelite imagery, combined with Google Maps and Google Search to lay all of that out for you. It is VERY detailed, and alot of fun to play with.

A note for people with computers more than 2 years old or without broadband: This might not work out as well for you folks. But if you have some spare time, and you want to try it anyways, go here for more information.

  1. Ryan says:

    I’d love to play around with that but they haven’t released it for the Mac yet. Probably a good thing considering I’d spend most of my time playing around with it and wasting time, just as you are πŸ™‚

  2. mnxmfan says:

    Yeah its pretty fun. I “flew” all the way to work. Pretty entertaining to see what it looks like from 1000 feet!

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