People and their Trash

Posted: July 11, 2005 in Personal

Lately, I have been volunteering at the local Thrift Store (county sponsored) to repay my debt to society that I incurred over 5 years ago in a bad decision that I made. This thrift store is also the food shelf, and provides emergency housing assistance, and emergency heat assistance. The Thrift store helps to pay for that. So, we get donations, sort through them, and sell them, or throw them away. I am not surprised, but at the same time I am by the amount of stuff we get that either doesnt work or is falling apart.

Well today takes the cake. Someone brought in 2 car seats today. Right at the door, we said “we cannot take thse, sorry” So she leaves. I think OK whatever, didnt think twice about it.

A few hours later, I look out to the parking lot, to see both car seats just sitting there. Now, we said that we would not take them, and so they left them out in the parking lot for someone else to throw aways. I just don’t get it. So now, this organization has to pay because SHE didn’t want her car seats, and didn’t want to pay to have them hauled off herself.

Gee thanks. And thats not the only example, we get TONS of garbage, enough to fill two dumpsters three times a week. Here’s a hint when donating it. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t donate it. If it doesn’t work at all, we don’t want it, and if it is clothing that has holes in it, trash it yourself.

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