Hot and Sticky today…..

Posted: July 13, 2005 in Personal

So, even in Minnesota, it can get unbearably hot. It is 10:30, and we are already at 84 degrees with a heat index of 88 degrees. It is expected to stay hot like this through the weekend.

Could be worse I guess, but at least we have a pool 😉 Oh yeah and airconditioning in the car and the house. Now if I didnt have to go work at the thrift store after work, I wouldnt complain at all, because then I would not be outside for more than a minute.

And its nice and sunny out too 🙂

  1. mnxmfan says:

    Looks pretty simular, but your probably more used to it than we are 😉

    I was just pointing it out, not really complaining except for the fact that I have to be outside for a portion of my day.

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