My New Years Resolutions — AN UPDATE!

Posted: July 21, 2005 in Personal

One thing I love about this blogging thing, I can go back and look at what I said I was going to do this year, so here are the original resolutions I set on January 1st:

1. Lose Weight — I have become quite the little chunk since I went on the disabled list gaining over 20 pounds. So I am going to make some wiser eating choices, and also do some more excercising (Weather permitting of course!)

2. Start School — So I have set a date for the next resolution of March 1st. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but havent felt like it is something I can do, but now I know it is something I CAN do.

3. Quit Smoking — This I set for June 1st. It would be very healthy for me to do, but I dont want to try doing this and #1 at the same time. I will get into my excercise routines, and my schooling routines, and then its out with the smokes.

And of course the updates:

1. I have lost a bit of weight, but nowhere near where I wanted to be. This can always be an ongoing thing, as thats how these things work best.

2. I didn’t make the date deadline for starting school, too much going on at the time, but I am starting in less than a month, so I met this goal!

3. Haven’t quit smoking yet, as I don’t feel that I am down to a weight that I am comfortable with the possibility of gaining more. I am at something like 250, and I would like to be down to 220 before I quit. I’m thinking by Thanksgiving, but it could come sooner!

So that’s the update. I’ve done pretty good this year, and I even have met my financial goals (I finally hae a bit of a nest egg set aside!)

More on the year in review, August 1st. August 1st marks a very important date as I look at it, if you want to find out what, go look in the archives>>>>>>>

  1. mnxmfan says:

    Thanks, I try 😉

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