Windows Service Pack 2, ,or, I should have known better

Posted: July 29, 2005 in Computers

So tonight, I decided to upgrade to Windows XP Service back 2. The reason I hadn’t before is because there were so many people reporting problems, and it actually managed to destroy the hard drive on my stepdad’s computer about 6 months ago. So, I boldly tried to do this upgrade.

Everything started out fine, progress bars were moving (although slowly) and in about 45 minutes, my computer rebooted and finished the install. YAYAYAYA! Everything worked, right? No, that wouldn’t make for an interesting blog post now would it???

The system loads as normal, with only one problem. I can no longer connect to the internet using my wireless connection (A Linksys USB 802.11B)

But the best part is when I tried to troubleshoot the problem (it says my router wasn’t assigning it an IP address) it told me to go to’s knowledge base for information. Isn’t that like your phone company saying “if your phone isn’t working, call us”???

I understand there is alot of software involved, but don’t you think they would provide a help file that doesn’t involve going to a website at least for something such as the ability to connect to the Internet? I know your probably thinking to yourself “why not go to another computer” Well, those computers aren’t mine, and at the time the owners of said other computers in house were all fast asleep.

Ugg, but I’m sure it will get worse, as I haven’t been able to connect to any site hosted by AOL, or the AIM service since 1PM and I am also planning on calling them on that later tonight.

Computers are so much fun!


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