I have been spending at least one night a week at….

Posted: August 26, 2005 in Fun, Personal

Pandora’s Cup a downtown Minneapolis Coffee house with a mainly liberal crowd. And when I say coffee house, I mean coffee HOUSE. This is a house that has a very laid back, and somewhat odd, atmosphere, from old video games, to mismatched furnature, to a quaint little kitchen where the coffee machines never seem to stop.

And amongst all the hustle and bustle of the kitchen at seemingly all hours, is rather interesting conversation. From political debates, to society impacts, to Bush bashing (and yes, I am referring to the guy who likes to call himself the president) it is not hard to get a caffine high that lasts all night, for about 5 bucks a cup (well for the largest cup anyways).

Definitely a place to go to just relax, smoke, and have a great time. Oh, but if your gonna light up, better pick one of their porches (upstairs or down) because Minneapolis now has a no smoking ordinance in effect.

Definitely a laid back atmosphere, especially for this suburban-raised 24 year old.


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