School starting to pick up…..

Posted: September 24, 2005 in College Life, Work

The work out of class is starting to take more and more of my time, leaving little time for anything else šŸ˜‰

I am still really enjoying things. It is good to be back learning something, and it is something that I have really lacked for a long time.

As far as work goes, I think I am going to look for a part time job, as I am going to school full time and using student loans to pay most of the bills. But all work and no play would make me a very dull boy, so a part time job for some fun money is just what I would need.

As of right now, I am not very active on finding a job, I am more concerned with what is going to happen as school continues to pick up in intensity. I am taking 9 credits right now, and that number will increase to 12 credits starting October 24, taking up my weekdays, so I think I will work on the weekends.

Hopefully Ill have a chance to post more later today!

  1. Jess says:

    What did you used to do? Just curious as we have a few help desk openings that you might be interested in.

  2. mnxmfan says:

    Used to do customer service, now I am going to school for a career in IT.

  3. Duanevyc says:

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