Cars can be unexpected…..

Posted: September 30, 2005 in Personal

So, Wednesday night, I was headed out to school, when I approached a stoplight, and my car started idling rough. No problem, I’ve dealt with that before, I just revved the engine a few times, and then it started idling rough, and died.

Crap, I got class in less than 15 minutes, and my car is dead. So I get it towed to the nearest shop, which happens to be the dealership I bought the car from two years ago, and I got a rental car. Both expenses covered under my insurance policy, so far no big deal. I was thinking it was a fuel pump, which would have been covered under the extended warranty I bought with the car. No such luck. It was an ignition coil which I had gotten replaced a year and a half ago, along with the ignition control module. Total bill $600.

Good thing I had built up an emergency fund before I got laid off, or I’d be screwed right now! Got the car back last night, hopefully this is it for a while!

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