XMRocks.US has moved!

Posted: May 5, 2006 in Friends

So apperantly, while I was busy studying, XMRocks.US changed over to SiriusAddict.com. I’ll have to update the link, but so far both seem to go to the same page.

I haven’t been paying close attention, but apperantly Ryan has been catching quite a bit of flak on the issue, and since he has disabled comments for that post (with good reason, I’m sure) I will comment on it here. More after you click the link below.

Honestly, what Ryan decides to do is his porragative, and those of you bitching should just relax. XM is not ever going to be for everyone. My honest opinion on Sirius is that the last time I listened to it, it was not the service for me PERSONALLY. I’m not saying that it still wouldn’t be, or that it hasn’t changed significantly, only that for now I am an XM only guy. Will that change? Probably not, only because I love XM. There may come a time when I will no longer love XM, but until that time, I will be a subscriber.

With that said, the day may come where I will add Sirius in addition to XM. I’ve certainly done it before (for 6 months actually) but it does not make financial sense for me while I’m in school.

XM is not a perfect company, and I can see why Ryan was upset. First off, XM has never had good support for Mac’s. I do not own a Mac, so I don’t have the problems he is having. But having dealt with Apple several times in the past, I can honestly say I feel the same amount of frustration for the fact that IPod does not support many forms of music subscription services. I think XM should be more Mac friendly though.

Anyways, I am glad that Ryan has found a solution that better suits his needs, and I am sad to see him get so frustrated as to leave the XM community. He was a great supporter of XM, but that was not returned by XM. He also did a lot for XM411.com. From all of my talking with him, he is a great guy, and I wish people would stop shitting on him. That concludes this rant.

  1. Ryan says:

    I just like to keep people guessing with my domain name šŸ˜‰ I am working on something else with another domain name (unrelated to XM), so that’s taking up some of my time.

    The xmrocks.us one will stay active for at least another year. I’m glad that someone understands my point of view, and you being the reasonable, down to earth person you are, I figured you’d be one of the few who actually understood or at least didn’t “yell at me” so to speak, for switching to Sirius.

    I still do have XM, but it’s just my general frustration with them and lack of interest. Lately, Sirius has just fit me better and it’s good for ME, which is what certain people on xm411 don’t seem to understand. I guess I’m just tired of the whining first off. xm411 (the last I was there) has just been overrun by people bashing each other. For example, there was a post recent where someone said he canceled XM because he got DirecTV and essentially had XM for “free” now. People bashed him and didn’t even read his post and the replies were as follows: “Bye.” “Good luck with Sirius.” “We don’t need you” “bye bye faggot”

    He NEVER mentioned Sirius or even going to Sirius. He never mentioned his sexuality preference, and certainly calling him a “faggot” is inappropriate anyway. People just couldn’t see past the word “canceled” and let out their anger, so to speak, on him.

    One of my other issues is that people would flame you for little reason. For example, some jerk came into the airtimes thread and said something to the effect that it’s outdated, yet offered NO updates to it, additions, or another site to compare the data to. That pissed me off and he probably got what he wanted: an argument out of me. Still, I put a LOT of work into those files and then people like him come along. I know he’s not representative of the entire population, but sometimes it only takes one person to ruin it, ya know? In addition, there are just some posters over at xm411 that just annoy me to no end. Their comments are either always off topic, non-sensical, or just belligerent.

    The same can be said about SBS. I posted a comment over there and was flamed yet they are always saying “we don’t tolerate flames” etc, or bashing the other company. Clearly, they need to take a look at their boards more clearly.

    Anyway, my subscription comes up for XM at the end of this year. I’m on the fence as to whether to continue it or not – I’m waiting to see how everything plays out between now and then and seeing how happy I am with XM at that time. The whole situation is just frustrating and right now, I really have no desire to go back to xm411 or SBS until some things change. It kind of sucks, but I’ve a lot more free time and time to do important things such as study šŸ™‚

    The cool thing about you, among a million other things, is that you understand or at least are VERY reasonable about the situation. Most importantly, you RESPECT my decisions, and that’s great to know that there is a person out there that is that respectful, understanding, etc!


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