Today, I quit smoking….

Posted: June 18, 2006 in Personal

Today, I would like to stand up and proclaim that I have quit smoking. Sure, I have tried to quit before, but today I HAVE quit smoking. I will post daily here to let you all know how it works out. Any advice from any former smokers out there on getting through the first days of being smoke free?

I have decided to use the patch, and I have also joined the Quitnet smoking group at (profile is under mnxmfan if anyone is interested).

The first day has been kind of hard, but I cleaned out my car, and threw out the last three packs of cigarettes I had, because there is NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW to quit smoking, otherwise I’ll just keep making excuses on why I have yet to quit smoking.

Thank you in advance for your support, and I’ll be back tomorrow with an update!


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