Welcome to the latest version of my blog…

Posted: June 30, 2006 in Computers

You may think that only the visuals have changed within the blog, but thats not true.

Yes, per my previous post some time back, I have finally gotten around to upgrading this blog over to wordpress.  All previous posts are still here, but you, my valued visitor, will notice some changes.

For one, the SPAM should be nothing, or next to nothing now.  This is because I have turned on COMMENT MODERATION, something that b2evolution didn’t have, and I missed it. This means that now, you will not see your comment posted right away.  I will look at better alternatives, and perhaps use registration to stop future SPAM posts.

The rest of the changes have taken place behind the scenes, but feel free to register.  If you were previously registered, you will still be registered at the new blog.  If you weren’t you can register at the link below (on the right hand side). 

These changes should provide you with a better reading experience, and provide me with a better management experience as well.


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