Posted: July 6, 2006 in Music, Uncategorized

Well, I decided to try Napsters way of “renting” music, being that I am on a fixed income and all, and really don’t have that much money to spend on music.  This isn’t the first time I have tried it, but the last time they only had a million songs.

Well, I must say that they have definitely made some improvements.  Through their new playlists, and compilations features, I have been able to find music that I had completely forgotten about.  I must say that if alll you have in your music budget is 10 bucks a month, definitely worth the investment.  The downside of course is that as soon as you leave the service, your songs stop working.  Sure beats Itunes and their 99 cent a song deal.

With Napster 2 Go, you pay 15 bucks a month and can load your MP3 player up with songs, but it doesnt work with Itunes, as Apple has made it a proprietary technology.


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