Some Guy Blows Himself Up So He doesn't have to pay his ex….

Posted: July 11, 2006 in News

So, apperantly, yesterday’s explosion in New York was related to someone destroying his house/office so he wouldn’t have to sell it in a nasty divorce, and it was also intended to be a suicide.

My thoughts?  Another illustration of changes needed in the divorce law.  If it was a case of needing to split assets, good thats ok.  If it was a case of her getting alimony — no, I’m not OK with that.  Although, to side with her, I heard he wasn’t exactly the best person in the bunch either, so I guess I can’t really have a good opinion. 

But if he wanted to kill himself,  he had no business putting other’s lives in jeopardy.  Killing yourself is not a good option,  and I certainly would not condone such an action, but I still understand that to some, that doesnt matter.  My problem is that he chose a way that put other people in harms way.  The guy was a bit nuts, I would think.

Now, why does the news feel a need when covering such events to induce fear into other people by making it sound like 9/11?  I was listening to Opie and Anthony, and they put it perfectly.  They are trying to drum up these memories, and tie it in with the WTC attacks.  I know, they were terrible things, but why use that cheap trick to keep people tuned in?


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