School is back in session….

Posted: September 7, 2006 in College Life

And so far, it’s keeping me pretty busy.  For those of you who don’t know, I am currently majoring in a Computer Networking program, and also majoring in Database Design.

I am currently also going after an MCSE, although slowly, focusing of course on Windows XP and Server 2003.  I will most likely take an upgrade exam once I attain the MCSE focused on those products, to update myself to Vista.

I am also going after an A+ Certification, and also my CCNA from Cisco.  Who knows if I’ll get it all done before graduation, but I’d sure like to!

This year, I think I will work part time, and I am currently looking for an entry level position (part part time) utilizing my skills, while expanding on what I already know.  If you know any opprotunities, email me at mnxmfan at gmail dot com.  Something along the lines of a geeksquad type job would probably be good enough.

Anyways, I have much more to write, but its getting late and I have class tomorrow, so I will have to save that for later.


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