Last night…

Posted: December 3, 2006 in Friends, Fun

Now that I got the whole “reintroduction” out of the way, on with things as usual.  I would like to think of this blog as a story, and I didn’t want to leave anything out, which is a big reason I never delete a post.  I like to go back and look at everything later, to see what I can improve upon in the future.

So last night, for the first time in two years, I went over to my friends house (I’ll really have to talk to her to see if there is a better way I can bring her up while respecting her privacy, cuz this whole friend thing is going to get confusing).  There was alcohol, and it was really alot of fun.  At first, I was really nervous, and since there was a new person also involved that didn’t help.

At first, it seemed as if I was incredibly proficient at placing my foot into my mouth, but I think after everyone got more comfortable, I also got more comfortable.  By the end of the night, everyone seemed to be having a good time, granted there was alcohol involved.  It was great to be hanging out again.  I honestly don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a long time.

If anything, this only strengthened my commitment to making this work.  I mean, 99% of the time we were friends originally, it was great.  I always felt as if I was on cloud 9.  That makes that other 1% TOTALLY worth it.  I think in the entire year I knew her, we only had like one or two fights anyways, and it also opened my mind to mistakes that I had made in the past as well.  And from what I can tell, we both pretty much felt the same about what had happened, and it seemed as if she had missed my company just as much as I had missed hers in the past two years.

So, heres to new beginnings!


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