Practice day for my future…..

Posted: December 3, 2006 in Computers

So, today I went to work on S’s computer.  Yeah, thats the friend I am reconciling with.  Anyways, she had mentioned her computer was coninually getting slower, and that her ex had most likely been part of the reason it probably wasn’t running well, although it is hard to tell with these types of things.

I should probably mention that her ex also thinks hes really good with computers.  There are certain times where I will not argue, but he is what some would call “someone who knows just enough to be dangerous”.  So, after messing around with settings and cleaning it up for 4 hours, it became quite clear that, while this was certainly helping, the best thing would be to rebuild the system.

Now, here’s a question for those of you who have been in the field a bit longer than I.  Have you ever seen a case where programs will just disappear from the operating system?  Programs such as AIM, and Itunes?  I mean, the programs are still there and functioning, but they are not listed in the add/remove programs list, and they can’t be uninstalled, even after upgrading or reinstallation!

I myself have never run into this problem, so I advised her that we should probably back up everything she wants to keep.  So I backed up most of it, and this week while I’m busy pretending to be a student she’s gonna make sure she gets the rest of it into a folder, and next weekend I’m going to go back over and rebuild the machine from the ground up.  Thats great, because its one of my favorite things to do (because its not always that easy restoring everything and getting all the programs to talk to each other).


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