Last Windows Servers Class

Posted: December 12, 2006 in College Life

Last night, we had our last Windows Servers class.  I’m  excited and sad at the same time.  For the rest of this week, I have class tonight, tomorrow from Noon-2, and Thursday from 6-8PM, and then I’m done for three whole weeks.

Anyways, last night we were trying to solve a network boot problem, one which the day class was unable to solve, and we got it!  Well, more appropriately, I got it.  See, we were trying to boot from PXE (Network Card) to do a remote Windows XP installation.  Only problem is, that in addition to the boot order in the BIOS needing to be reconfigured, there was also a security setting that needed to be changed (something along the lines of Allow PXE BIS, or something).  Anyways, after rebooting over 20 times, I finally got it.  What an accomplishment.  It managed to impress the professor and the class.

Anyways, tonight I have my last Cisco Routers class, tomorrow is my last Database Design class, and Thursday is my last Microcomputer System Maintenance class.  Next week was supposed to be finals for two classes but they are online.  I already took the one for Windows Servers, and I got an A.  More on grades in a week or two when I get them all back!

  1. Richard Rackl says:

    Congratulation Dan,

    Way to go dud, keep up the good work.

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