One more computer rebuild under my belt….

Posted: December 12, 2006 in Computers, Uncategorized

This one’s a Compaq.  Yup, after spending hours on S’s computer last weekend, I spent another few hours last night rebuilding the whole computer from the ground up. 

After getting feedback from many people at school on the problem, it was determined that, not only was the computer hosed, most of the people I talked to had not seen the particular problem that caused me to want to rebuild it.  From what I can tell, the registry (that place where all windows settings, as well as program stuff is stored) was completely hosed. 

Anyways, I got almost all the programs that S wanted to use restored, and thankfully all of her data was backed up by me last weekend, well at least all the improtant stuff.  I did manage to lose her Winamp skin, and a pinball game.  All in all, I’d say thats not bad, because literally everything else was in good shape.  I even saved all her bookmarks, which is something that many would overlook when backing up a system such as this.

It ran much faster than before, and the problem seems to be fixed now, although I haven’t tried to uninstall much.  I may want to get over there and verify some security settings before too long, just to make sure there are no holes that people can use to sneak into the system.


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