93X Nutcracker Last Night

Posted: December 17, 2006 in Friends, Fun, Music

So me, S and J went to the 93X Nutcracker show with Three Days Grace, Army of Anyone, and Psychostick.  I personally thought the show was very intense.  We didn’t make it for Psychostick, but we got there as Army Of Anyone was taking the stage.

Army of Anyone was a pretty good show, and not having heard much of their stuff before, I was quite pleased by the style of music.

We made it to the floor for Three Days Grace, and it was packed.  The show was sold out, and there had to be about 500 people there.  This was a smaller venue, so we were all packed in like sardines.  After being on the floor for a bit, I was starting to feel really squeezed in, and decided to get off the floor, while S and J both stayed on the floor.  We ended up leaving about a half hour before the show ended, because we all were feeling pretty beat up by that point.  I was sort of expecting to pay for the show today, but I’m not in nearly as much pain as I thought I was going to be.

All in all, I would have to give the show 5 stars or whatever.  The band was great, the crowd was intense, and it was an all-in-all good time!

  1. Richard Rackl says:

    I was cleaning out my e-mails and ran across this e-mail from you with a link to your blog, and thought I would

  2. Richard Rackl says:

    Hey Dan,

    Who is S and J?

    I’m glad to see that you’re getting out and having some fun between all the school and studying. All work and no play makes Dan a dull boy.

    We went to the comedy club for our company Christmas party dinner on Saturday night. The opening comedian reminded us of you. He was really funny.

    I’m typing this using my Dragon naturally speaking voice-activated software. It is an awesome tool and has allowed me to improve my documentation and communication and increase productivity. It is compatible with FileMaker Pro and I have been demonstrating its use when doing demos for TCPM.

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