So called "Friends"…….

Posted: June 4, 2007 in Friends

Yeah its been a while since I last updated this thing.  So anyways, much has happened in the last few weeks, the first issue I choose to deal with is a so called friend of mine.  This friend is someone who I met through Sara, and I will withhold her name for privacy reasons.

At any rate, her and Sara have been fighting, over something that she had started (the friend, not Sara) and has since excalated.  This affects me, because I thought she was also my friend, when I come to find out now that she can barely tolerate me, and says that I apperantly smell funny.

So this all came to a head about a week ago, when she accused me of doing Sara’s bidding, and is all mad at Sara because she has a bad attitude, so Sara chooses not to hang out with her.  We are both terrified to tell her anything for fear of how she will take it, and it looks like now those fears were completely warrented.  I will get into more details on specifics sometime in the next few days.  But last weekend, she had a mutual friend use her son to send a myspace message pointing out completely irrelavent things that happened numerous months ago.  Things that were pointed out were rather personal in nature, and the message was completely uncalled for.

In the next few days, I will post more specifics of just exactly what happened, but basically we were both lied to.  She claimed to be supportive in many areas, then picked apart each one of those areas and told us both how bad we were for having flaws in said areas.

Is it wrong to expect that you can trust in friends not to talk badly about you behind your back?   Or worse yet, claim to be supportive to your face and bash you behind your back?  And J, if your out there reading this and have something to say, feel free to post a comment.  Unlike you, I don’t need to hide behind people when I have a problem with something.


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