So called "Friends" part two, The night everything started getting bad

Posted: June 8, 2007 in Friends, Uncategorized

So a few days ago, I shared with you what was going on with someone I thought to be a friend, and someone who Sara also thought was her friend.  That post was more of a rant.  Because what happened to bring us to this point was long and drawn out, I will split it up into a few posts over a couple days.  The first one covers the night everything started looking sour, which happened sometime back in January.

Sara, at this time, had been seeing a guy for a few months.  They were hitting it off pretty well.  The catch?  This guy was married.  At the time, both Sara and myself were under the impression that he was not happy in his marriage and that he would be leaving his wife soon.  Kind of an involved story, but when you are talking matters of the heart, its not always simple.

At any rate, J (we will call her that to keep this straight) had been there claiming to be supportive of this relationship.  If you want to ask me, I’d say she was waaaay too involved.  She was going out to lunch with this guy, calling and texting him qute a bit (with some rather private and inappropriate things, I might add) and basically saying how happy she was for Sara.  Anyways, thats my opinion. 

So after explaining the backstory, let me finally get to the fun part.  One night back in January, Sara and her boyfriend had planned a night of drinking and gameplaying for all of us.  They had invited both me and J, and as I understood the plan was to go down to the local bar, and then come back to her place to play some games.  As plans go, these did get delayed because her sister and a friend wanted to come over for a bit.  Sara being the caring person she is, invited them over for a few hours.

So, we all gather at Sara’s to find out that J is in Sara’s bedroom with the door closed, completely naked, in Sara’s bed.  So, I for one had assumed that she would be out in a few minutes once she had dressed to say hi to everyone.  So, we were all sitting around out in her living room chatting, and J didn’t come out until about an hour later.  Rather than saying hello, or asking what was going on for the evening, she informed us that a mutual friend of theirs was out on a date, and we were required to go to a bar and save her.  This was a bar that Sara’s boyfriend at the time worked at, which was 40 minutes away from where we were.  Not to mention he had gotten the night off, and did not (understandably) want to go to that bar.

Besides the fact that if you are close to home, which this other bar was, everyone could enjoy a few drinks, and you could drive the 4 blocks back to saftey.  So, we kind of all took a united front to J and said that we did not want to go to that bar, with Sara’s boyfriend being on the frontline (understandably so) of this defense.  Almost immediately, J’s mood changed from happy and chipper, to pissed off.  She then went on to say “well have fun, I’m going to the other bar”.  We kind of all tried to give her some options that would have her back to the bar we would be at within an hour or two so she could meet back up with us.  Sara’s boyfriend wanted to also go to this bar to talk to a guy about getting a job down at this other bar, and had a problem with going to his current job on the way to trying to find a new job.

So, J goes back to get ready to leave, comes back out about 5 minutes later, and in front of basically everyone who is important to Sara, says to her boyfriend “So let me get this straight, you have a problem looking for another job behind your current employer’s back, but you have no problem fucking Sara then going home, patting your wife on the head and telling her that you love her?”

The entire room goes silent, and then Sara says to J “Well, that was inappropriate” (Which it was).  So, J decides to leave, only to call Sara not 5 minutes later and yell at her for not standing up for what she had said, which spiraled out of control with J taking shots at every corner, and Sara just sitting there stating why she didn’t have a right to do that in front of everyone. Essentially, Sara was talking to a brick wall.

This first outburst, led to them not speaking for a few weeks.  Then she called Sara up crying because she had gotten into a fight with her Dad. Her Dad told her she was an idiot for fighting with such a good friend. She said she had no idea why she did what she did.  This lead to the friendship being saved, although with some new rules and boundaries, and other things had changed too obviously due to the trust being broken.   But all the changes were pretty minor, and things were going pretty good, or so we thought. 

Part three coming soon!


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