Am I destined to be alone?

Posted: June 14, 2007 in Personal

Ok so part three of the friends psot is coming soon, I promise!

But this post is dedicated to a question that I have asked myself literally hundreds of times since I was 18, and its not without merit.  And I am of course talking romantic relationships and not just friends.

I have placed several online personal adds to no avail, and I mean no avail.  In all the ads I have replaced, I have gotten one positive response, and that girl and I are now great friends.  I have had two relationships, both ended badly, and with little or no intimacy.  One of them used me for my money, and when the money dried up, so did the relationship (with about 3000 in debt to show for it.)

It has now officiallly been 7 years since my last relationship (i believe it falls off my record now, right?)  Am I just destined to be alone?  Is there no room left for a sensative, intelligent, funny, caring guy anymore?  Would the asshole approach be a better one? 

  1. Chris says:

    Dan… I think you should stop kicking yourself. You’ll find someone, just have to be patient. In the mean time, try to have some fun.

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