Game Night at Brian and Sheri's

Posted: July 15, 2007 in Friends

So, it is 4AM and I have just returned from what could possibly be described as the best night I have had in YEARS.  I went by myself to this game night thing that a group of local people was putting on.  There were perhaps 30 people there, at this place in Richfield.

So, I showed up around 7PM, and at first it felt like I was out of place.  I could not have been more wrong if I tried.  Right off the bat we started by playing Master and Commander, and I was pretty quiet, but enjoying myself.  After that, we started playing Apples to Apples with an even bigger group.  That was a blast, I was really starting to feel like I fit in. 

But then we all headed downstairs (it was cooler down there) and we played Lovers and Liars for about an hour or more.  Now we were all having fun!  They without question had accepted me as a new member of the group.  Then, I went outside where they were having a bonfire, sat around and talked about how I had found the group and whatnot.  So then, I went back inside and they were deep into a game of CatchPhrase (now THATS a fun game!).  I played fill in whenever someone had to leave.  And this was after I had decided that maybe I really didn’t fit in, and was getting ready to leave.  I’m glad I didn’t. 

Then it was back outside for a smoke and some more bonfire goodness.  But here’s where I really started to feel like a member of the group.  We then went back inside, cooked up a bunch of frozen pizzas, and played a few rounds of a game I haven’t played in well over 10 years, Skip Bo.  That was a blast.   We talked politics, and passed a few dirty jokes and references.

Then, it was another much more laxed game of CatchPhrase, where everyone was playing and nobody was keeping score.  After about another hour of that, I decided that it was getting late, so I bid a fond farewell, and made my way home.

Brian, Sheri, Connie, Scott, Jodi, and all the rest of you, thank you for such a wonderful night.  They are a great group of people, and I truely do look forward to doing more of these types of events.  Can’t wait until the hot tub party!

And for the first night since this whole thing between me and Sara started almost two weeks ago, I didn’t think about her once.  No anger, no sadness, not even a passing thought.  I just let loose and laughed and had a great time!


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