Stop Driving Past My House

Posted: July 24, 2007 in Friends, Personal

More than once in the past two weeks since you started all this, I have caught you driving past my house.  That constitutes stalking, not sure you knew that or not.  I know your reading this blog almost daily, I mean I am an IT professional its not hard to figure out.

I don’t get you.  You say awful things about me, treat me as cold as is possible to treat another human being, and then say it had nothing to do with your personality disorder.  Yet in the past two weeks, I have made no effort to contact you, haven’t even been near the park that you live in, and have no intention to do either.

You treated me like a criminal, just like last time.  And guess what?  I’ll NEVER be able to forgive you for that.  Your the only person to ever sink that low with me, and you have done it twice.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  I really thought you were getting better, but according to you, none of this has anything to do with the BPD.  Well, in the past two weeks, I have actually gone out, met new people, and reconnected with old ones.  Am I sad that this happened?  Sure.

Just know this, if your objective is to harm my things or me, that just as the police I’m sure told you, you will be the first person they come hunting for.  It’s over, let it go.  You got something you want to say to me?  Call me, email me, or hell even leave me a comment, but please stop driving past my house.  The next time it happens, I will be sure to take the appropriate legal actions, because at this point (and my family has noticed this as well) it is frightening my family. 

After the way you treated me, you are not welcome over here, and nobody here wants to speak to you.  And yes, I realize that I took some shots to.  Hurts doesn’t it?  I somewhat regret stooping to your level, but your coldness towards me from the start was a shocker, especially after you claim it has NOTHING to do with your BPD (and yes, I did check with support groups, but thanks for saying I didn’t, guess you know how I should have handled this, huh?)

Like I said, sure I’m sad that it came to this.  I do miss parts of our friendship, and I do miss you in general.  But I cannot continue living this way, just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And I am SURE that I’m not the only one.  Hopefully someday you will get the help you need to be able to step outside your own shoes to actually see how you treated me, and how you treat others, dramatically affects how they react and dramatically affects their desire to be around.

In the past two months, you did almost nothing for me.  It was all about you.  The one time I ask for two minor reciprications, I get shit upon, and called dependent.  Sorry, I thought since I spent over 200 hours of my summer vacation helping you paint and fix up your house that maybe, just maybe I could expect a few minor things in return.  Guess you were just using me the whole time.

Stop driving past my house, I don’t need it, and I certainly wouldn’t do the same to you.  That would be stalking, and that would be illegal.  We are on a private road, and you have no reason to be on this road.  You got something to say, say it, but you drive past my house again, and I will be sure it is documented.  Poor you, right?  Your so afraid that I am going to destroy your house, yeah right pull your head out of your ass.  I am doing nothing, and thats the way it will continue.  Not only is it not worth the time, but I am not that kind of person. 


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