Busy Couple of Weekends Coming up…..

Posted: August 21, 2007 in College Life, Family, Friends

So, its starting to shape out that I am going to have quite the busy schedule for the next couple weekends, which is good.

First, coming up this weekend, is a family reunion on Saturday.  Yeah, I know, doesn’t sound all that busy, but with school starting on Monday, I would like to spend Friday cleaning out my car, and Sunday cleaning up my living area.  It’d be nice to start the simester out clean.

Then, on to Labor Day weekend, which is shaping up to be much busier.  The week before, I have the State Fair Monday at between 10 and noon, and then its right off to class from 6-10PM.  Tuesday, I have a day class, Wednesday is a night class, and Thursday is a 11AM – 10PM marathon of classes.  Then, Friday its up to Plymouth for an end of summer pool party/game night, starting at 7 and going probably well into the night.  Saturday looks to be Ren Fest, with a group of friends, but I might sit that one out if I can’t find some cheap or free tickets somewhere.

Then, Sunday at around 7, it looks like its off to Lake Elmo for a Drive in Movie.  More about the socialization than the movie, but I am hoping its a good movie nonetheless.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is a barbeque I have been invited to on Monday (Labor Day) to officially end out the summer with a bang.  Then of course its back to school once again.  Whew, I’m actually surprised that I am managing to stay so busy.  I’m starting to believe that I do electrify a room, otherwise I wouldn’t be going to so many events.

But anyways, its really late, I just got back from a late night Perkins run with a few friends, and I have a lunch date tomorrow at noon or something to that effect, so I better get to bed so I can sleep beforehand!


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