New Podcast coming this weekend/NAACP rant/My dick, errr I mean that NFL guy

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Politics

Yeah, so I haven’t decided yet when the regular date for publication is on my podcast, but I do have another episode coming either tomorrow or Sunday.  I’m thinking new episdoes will be posted either Friday or Sunday on an ongoing basis. 

In other news, the NAACP has enraged me (I’m not racist, but the fact that they have done so would make some believe that I automaticaly am).  They are defending a dog killer based soley on the fact that he is black.  Sorry guys, if he was white the SAME thing would have happened, if not slightly worse.  We don’t have an NAAWP to come to our support when stuff like this happens.  And when you say things like “Many many people love my dick” mistake or not, it doesn’t help.  And the fact is, supporting dog killing doesn’t help the advancement of colored people (which is just an outdated name, perhaps its time for a change of that as well?)

At any rate, their are definitely better uses of your time, such as promoting better educational systems in prominently black areas, I would think that would better serve the advancement of blacks.  With regards to Michael being suspended by the NFL for a year or more, I’m not so sure that was the right course of action, although I wonder what my employer would do if they found out something like this had happened with me.  I don’t think that in reality what you do should affect your professional life, but there are limits to such things.  I think really what the NFL is doing is trying to set an example of him by saying that NFL stars don’t live above the law, but at the same time, provided he is not in jail he should THEORETICALLY be allowed to play.

But, on the other side of the issue yet again, this could be the NFL taking a “wait to see the verdict” type thing, and not wanting that to affect sales of stuff in our way over-sensative society.  I would love to bring up the arguement that if I were caught writing computer viruses that I would be fired, but that would directly relate to my job/career path whereas this did not affect the ability for him to do his job.

But, swapping sides again, many companies would fire you for drug use or felony convictions.  Is this a felony conviction?  (I am asking because honestly I don’t know)  That brings up another good arguement in where we draw the lines between personal life and professional life.  How much SHOULD your personal life affect your professional life, and at what points?  People do make mistakes, even if they don’t recognize them right away.  By that I mean that later on down the line he may really recognize this and want to make it right.  I mean I certainly don’t want to be punished forever for my past mistakes, but they have caused me to get fired, or lose my job too.

Or am I completely missing the point, and are people in the public eye just held to a higher standard?  Because if that were the case, I would think that our own President, and many other government officials shoud lose their jobs too, or face a simular suspension.  But, I suppose we shouldn’t be suprised.  When you hire a salesperson to run the country as we Americans did, your bound to get lied to, and if that costs thousands of innocent lives so be it, right?  We shouldn’t hold government to the same standards as a private individual because that would involve questioning the government which we have already determined is bad. 😉

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