The "Great" Minnesota Get Together

Posted: August 29, 2007 in Fun

So, last weekend I went to what is refered to as above, the Minnesota State Fair.  I went with my brother, and his girlfriend and met a few other friends there.  It was absolutely packed, but it was rather busy.

The thing that got me is that nobody was paying attention for crap.  Yeah I get it, everyone else is more important right?  Well to top it off, I must have been damn near run over by strollers.  I realize I am not a parent, but that doesnt automatically give you importance over me.  We get it, you have a kid, and now that you do we all have to suffer right?

Perhaps I am a bit bitter, because its always about protecting the kid.  Sorry, protecting your kids is YOUR job, not the job of our government, but perhaps I will save that rant for a future podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, a new episode is coming sometime today or tomorrow.  It’s my Birthday today, so I might not get around to it, and I do have a bit of homework I must do for a class tomorrow, but we shall see if I can find the time to give a podcast update in there at somepoint.


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