Re-Evaluating Goals…. Getting back on track

Posted: October 8, 2007 in College Life, Family, Friends, Personal, Work

So, the past few months I have been doing alot of evaluating of myself.  Looking at past goals that I had given up on, looking at where my life was a year ago and where I wanted it to be a year from then.

See, earlier this year I gave up on myself.  I don’t think I did it intentionally, but I did it nonetheless.  I blame nobody for this but myself, so if anyone out there thinks this is gonna be a “its all this persons fault” post, keep moving.  Fact of the matter is, I focused so much time and attention to making the people around me happy, and helping the people around me, that I forgot to help myself.

This past summer, me and a former friend of mine had set a goal to quit smoking on October 1st.  See, I had started back up again after quitting for six months (not sure why I did that, but once again, blame only myself, I mean I love to smoke!) and was unhappy with this fact.  Well, me and this person are no longer on speaking terms, but I have decided to quit anyways.  (yes, there is only one friend that I have ever had that I am no longer speaking to, and its the same one I speak of now).  So, Monday morning, I decided not to light up, and now, one full week later, I have yet to buy another pack.

Also, around a year ago, I decided I was unhappy with the way my weight had gone up to about 294 pounds.  I was going to the health club regularly until about April or May (things got crazy with this former friend, and I wanted to be there to help, but once again stopped caring about myself).  I was down to about 270 pounds when I stopped.  Well, last night I went back.  Good news is, I’m only up 10 pounds from then (5 of which were probably gained back this past week, and the other 5 gained back during a minor period of depression followed by supersocializing back in July).  So, I make this pledge to myself:

Goal Weight: 220 pounds

Current Weight:  280 pounds

I will go to the health club 3-5 times per week until such time as my goal weight is acheived.  In addition, I will begin mkaing minor changes to my diet to reallign it with what it had been one year ago.

The reason I say slow is that I find if I make too many changes at once, I find them overwhelming, and tend to not follow through with them.  One goal that I never lost sight of was graduating with an AAS in Computer Networking, and that I am doing this December.  Over Thanksgiving break, I am going to plaster my resume out to every website and company seeking candidates, with the hopes of starting a real job in January.  In the meantime, I am working about 20 hours a week down at school, and I am mostly keeping to a rather strict budget, so I will have a rather nice sum of money saved up by the time school lets out in December. 

Then, as also part of this plan, I am going to be moving sometime in the spring to most likely an apartment, although much of where I live and how will be determined later, when I know how much money I will be pulling in from working.  I’m guessing I will most likely have a one bedroom apartment for a few years, while I can pay off loans and also set aside some money for a down payment on a townhome or single family residence.  I had thought about a mobile home at one point, but since decided that I would much rather sit on property that doesn’t depreciate and is sitting on a solid piece of foundation.

Right now, this is all I am taking on.  If I try to take on more, I worry that I will get discouraged and eventually give up some of these goals.  I will keep everyone posted, more to keep me honest about what I’m doing, but also because I know other people that I don’t always get a chance to talk to are curious as well.

And for the record, while I did bring up this former friend of mine (and I know this friend is probably still reading this, you know who you are) I feel no resentment or blame towards this person, like I said its ALL about personal responsibility with me.  I let myself down because of me, and NOBODY had any fault in this but myself.  Thought I better clarify before I get hate mail or a knock on the door. 

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