Glad Christmas is over…..

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Family, Personal

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things I like about it, but still I’m glad its over.  I love the sense of togetherness, and I love the time spent with family.  That seems to be fading quickly, as my siblings are growing up and moving on with their lives and their own families, and whatnot, but still it is there.  I love that people feel compelled to give to the food shelf, salvation army, etc. but at the same time wish that it didn’t take a holiday to get us all to give back a little time or money.  And it would be nice if more people realized that more important than giving your money is volunteering your time.

But why I am glad it is over is because now I will be able to get within 2 miles of a mall without having to drive like I am secret service to avoid accidents.  No longer will I have to see ads on TV promoting that you should show that special someone you love them by buying a matching pair of Lexus cars for their present.  Yes, for another 11 months, I can forget that Christmas, complete with the American deisre to overcomercialize it, exists at all.  And most people can go back to being a little patient and understanding on the road.  Not that I am saying that people are automatically patient on the road, only that what little patience they have is usually lost during the “Most Wonderful time of the Year”.

And now that it’s all over, I can stop wondering if the gifts that I got for my family memebers are good enough, and know that everyone was happy in their own way with mine.  Who knows, maybe next year I will feel different when I am actually not only employed but making a decent living.  But for now, Bah Humbug. 😉

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